HOW TO: Access Emergency Text Messaging Rave Wireless (CU Safe Alerts)


The Rave Wireless System assists in alerting the Clemson campus of emergency situations that affect the campus.  All Clemson University faculty, staff, and student email addresses receive emergency notifications through Rave Wireless.  Clemson University strongly encourages all faculty, staff, and students to enter their mobile phone numbers for receipt of text messages as well.

Additional safety measures are outlined on the CU Safety page at Questions about Rave Wireless should be directed to


The easiest way to access Rave Wireless is to visit and follow the instructions provided. 

Note: Your Rave Wireless account is separate from your Clemson account and does not share the same password.  If you already have a Rave Wireless account but have forgotten your password, it may be recovered by clicking Forgot username or password? below the login box.

If you have never accessed Rave Wireless before, you must first create an account. This process is outlined below in the section entitled "Create an Account." 


1. If you do not have an account with Rave Wireless, you may create one by going directly to  


Click the Register button to the right of the login on the front page. 

2. You will be presented with a form asking for your account information

A description of each field is provided below:

Registration Email (required) - This is your email address and will also be used as your Rave Wireless login.
Password (required) - This password will be used to access your Rave Wireless account. 
Re-enter Password (required) - You must enter your selected password again to verify that it is correct.
First name (required) Your first name.
Last name (required)  - Your last name. 
Mobile Number (optional) - This is the number you wish to receive text message alerts at. If no number is specified, you will not receive text-based alerts. This can be added later if desired.
Re-enter Mobile Number (optional) - If you entered a number into the Mobile Number field, you must re-type it to verify accuracy. 
Preferred Email (optional) - If you prefer that e-mail alerts be delivered to a different address than your Clemson account, you may enter that address into this field

3. Once you have completed filling in the registration form, you must read the Rave Terms and Conditions at the bottom and confirm agreement by selecting the check box below it. Once you have completed the form, click 'Next'.

4. If you entered a mobile number for text alerts, Rave Wireless will ask you to confirm your mobile carrier. This is the company that provides you with mobile phone service. NOTE: If your carrier is not listed, you may specify it by clicking My carrier is not listed.  Selecting the wrong carrier may prevent you from receiving text alerts.

5. Once you have completed the initial registration process, Rave Wireless will send an email to your Clemson address. This e-mail contains the link which is required to activate your account. Once you have received this message, you must click the provided link to proceed with your account setup.

6. In order to receive mobile updates, you must first verify your phone number by entering the four-digit code sent by text message to the number you provided.

7. Once you have completed this step, click Finish. Your account should now be ready to receive alerts.

8. Once logged in to your account, you should see a box entitled Groups which shows what alerts you are currently subscribed to.

All emergency messages will be sent out via the Clemson University Broadcast channel. To ensure you have your messaging preferences set up correctly to receive these messages on your preferred device(s), verify that you see your email address and mobile phone listed under My Account.  
Note: If you no longer wish to receive e-mail or text message updates, you may opt out by clicking on the Edit button under the respective method of communication, and then you may delete the account by clicking on the red X.

Tips: CU Safety Alerts are sent using the numbers 67283 and 226787. You may consider adding these numbers to your contact list using the name "CU Safety" so that you'll be able to easily recognize alerts. Text alerts can be stopped at any time by sending STOP to either of the above numbers.

Potential Problems: Not Receiving Text Message Alerts

Solution: First, verify that you are signed up for emergency alerts by logging on to your Rave Wireless account and confirming that the button below Alert me by: Text displays 'Yes'. If it doesn't, clicking it will change it to the proper value. If you are still not receiving alerts, it may be because your mobile carrier is blocking the receipt of text messages from "shortcodes," which Rave Wireless uses. The numbers used are 67283 and 226787. Contact your mobile service provider to have these numbers unblocked from your account. 


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