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Recommended Laptops

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2024-2025 Laptop Recommendations by Major or check with your advisor before purchasing a laptop.

See our  Recommended Laptop Links  for most up to date information on all Clemson laptops.

For departmental purchases, contact the store for a quote.  For personal purchases, go to the site listed above


LAPTOPS 2024-2025


2024 Dell Laptops


2024 Lenovo Laptops

  • All Windows laptops include a four-year warranty + four-year accidental damage coverage.
    The warranty only covers the battery for only one year. Accidental damage coverage DOES NOT COVER the charger/power adapter and does not cover theft, fire, or loss.
  • Dell accidental damage protection covers only one major incident per warranty year. Lenovo accidental damage protection has unlimited repairs per year.
  • Note: If you order a Clemson laptop or buy a new laptop, while setting up your new laptop, if it asks for your computer account name, please put in your Clemson user name.




  • Includes one year of AppleCare warranty (does not include accidental damage coverage)
  • *Clemson highly recommends the purchase of Safeware (warranty & accidental damage)*
  • Software is not pre-loaded – software is available on the CCIT software web page.
  • The new M1/M2/M3 processor Macs cannot natively boot the Windows operating system. People required to use a Windows-only application will have one option:
    • Run the Clemson Citrix solution (driving a remote Windows computer in a window on your M1/M2 Mac)
      • Parallels is not a Clemson Supported option
  • Please see the Tiger Tech Store website for special deals and purchasing options.


Chromebooks and iPads are not a viable option for your primary laptop! We provide no software or hardware support for these devices!

Laptops ordered online are delivered to your home address; the Clemson University Post Office will not accept laptop deliveries.

If you have purchased your Apple computer directly from Apple and have not yet purchased Safeware, you have up to 30 days after receiving the laptop to purchase.  Call the Clemson Computer Store at 864-656-0404 to purchase over the phone.



Recommended Laptops