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Common Iroar(INB/Banner) Errors/Troubleshooting

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iRoar is a system that Clemson University uses for various registration related tasks. Because it utilizes Java, you may occasionally run into various page errors where the page may not load, or you may see a page of HTML. Below are ways to troubleshoot some of the various common errors that you may see. If none of these solutions work for you, please take a screenshot of the page and error, and send it to so that we can look at the error on an individual basis. Please be sure to include basic information like your username or XID number.

  1. Usually, clearing your cache can fix almost all problems. To do this, follow the directions for your specific browser at this link:’s-Cache.
    Make sure that, if given the option within the dialog, you also check the box to clear your cookies.
  2. If clearing your cache does not work, try a different Internet browser . We usually recommend the latest version of Firefox ( ) or the latest version of Chrome ( ).
  3. If clearing your cache and switching browsers does not work, you may be having an issue with the network you are on. iRoar has been known to have problems with many public networks or corporate firewalls . Make sure that you are attempting to access iRoar from your home network .
  4. If you are at home and still experiencing this issue, it may be that your home network itself is blocking the connection . To correct this, we can connect you to the Clemson VPN . This will make iRoar think you are on Clemson’s campus network
    NOTE : Do not perform the following steps if you are on a work network. Only do so if you are at home or on an open public network.
    This will generally fix the error that says " Error occurred. Either services are down or your session is expired. Try
    re-logging in. If issue continues contact your administrator "
    Go to and log in with your Clemson username/password . This should automatically download/install Cisco AnyConnect and connect you to Clemson’s VPN (denoted by a silver globe in your system tray that says "VPN:Connected" when you hover your mouse over it). If the process fails, either try a different Internet browser or perform the manual installation of Cisco when prompted. Once this is finished, open Cisco and type into the first box that appears (asking for the server). Then type in your Clemson username/password and second password which should refer to Duo when prompted. You should now be connected to the VPN, which again will be denoted by a silver globe in your system tray that says "VPN:Connected."
  5. If the VPN connection does not resolve the issue, you may need to switch devices . iRoar has also been known to have issues on some mobile devices (iPads, tablets, smartphones, etc). Ensure that you are trying to access iRoar from a laptop or desktop.
  6. If even after all of this you are still unable to access iRoar, please email with as many details as possible. Walk us through your exact process to access iRoar, and provide some screenshots if you can. Also provide us with any error messages you receive along the way. The Support Center can also be contacted at (864)656-3494.

While attempting to Log into iRoar. 

First, we need to configure JAVA and use Internet Explorer to Access INB:
         a. Go to your start menu and type "configure java"  in the search field.  > click to open  > click on the Security tab .
         b. Click the Edit Site List... option and click Add and enter  and Click OK
         c. Click the General tab and Click Settings ... option.
         d. Click Delete Files and check ALL three options .
         e. Click OK and OK to close.
         f. Open Internet Explorer and clear browsing history and enter (Do Not use a shortcut)
         g. Click iROAR , login and DUO and then Click Admin option and INB button

  • iROAR is not certified with Microsoft Edge so it should not be used
  • Chrome and Firefox removed the ability to use JAVA applications so unless you have a very old version of those with the IE add-on it won’t work.

if you have any further questions, please contact CCIT at (864) 656-3494 or .

  1. The financial aid tab does  not  show when logged in as an  applicant .  Be sure to login to iRoar as a  student  to be able to view the Financial Aid tab. 
  2. If you are logged in as a  student , you should see the following tabs: Admissions, Registration, Financial Aid, Student Financial Services, and Administrative Services. 
  3. If the Financial Aid tab is not showing, this will be a  portal issue .  Call the CCIT Support Center at  (864) 656-3494  or send an email at

NOTE: You may not get the green check mark and statement saying Saved Successfully. This is a known issue. Please follow the step below to ensure all grades have been entered and saved appropriately.
Verify all grades were entered for students on your roster
 ·       Ensure all grades have been entered. Look for the green check mark at the top indicating that you have successfully submitted all grades.
 ·       In iROAR, go to Faculty Services > Summary Class List. Be sure to select the correct term.

Common Iroar(INB/Banner) Errors/Troubleshooting