Request Software Addition to Citrix


This document and its policies apply to CCIT Standard Labs, NOT departmental labs. Software installation in non-standard departmental labs is handled by departmental college consultants.

Requests for software installation in Citrix must be made at least two weeks in advance of the first day the software is needed. This is to allow adequate time for testing and distribution to the over 1000 computers on campus. A request is considered complete when CCIT’s Imaging and PC Management Group (IPCM) has received the software media and an ITHelp Ticket for installation that includes the following information has been created:

  • Contact
  • Contact’s Phone Number
  • Contact’s XID
  • Software installation media
  • Software installation instructions
  • Statement of or copy of the license agreement/permission

Software installation takes two weeks. If a piece of software interferes with other software, affects the integrity of the lab image as a whole, or poses questions as to its reliability, it may not be possible to install it in the Standard Lab Image.

We will do all we can to make any software request work. In these rare cases where software cannot be made safely operational with reasonable effort, IPCM reserves the right to refuse requests.

Due to the complexities and labor involved in software installation in public labs, the IPCM cannot honor requests for one-time or very short term (less than 5 class periods or less than 3 weeks) requests.

Please feel free to contact IPCM concerning these policies and procedures.

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