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Getting started with using Webex in a browser

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Here are some instructions to get started with Webex in a browser.

1. Go to Click on Sign In in the upper right-hand corner. Log in using your Clemson credentials - (If you have trouble with this step, try clearing your browser's cookies and cache.) Click Sign in.

Red arrow to sign in

Red arrow to

2. Now you will see this page.  Click on Start to start a meeting.

Red arrow to Start

3. If you have trouble opening Webex in a browser, you may need to click on Cancel when it asks about using the App and then click on Join from your browser.

Red arrow to "Join from your browser"

4. You may see these options about audio.  

Red arrow to microphone

5.  Click on the i Meeting Info in the upper left to get the meeting number or URL to share with participants.

Red arrow to meeting information


6. The other options on the bottom of the screen include Mute your microphone, Video, Share your screen, Record session, Chat, More, and Leave. Under More (the three vertical dots), you'll see some other options too. 

Red arrow to ... at bottom of screen


If you have more questions about starting a WebEx meeting email or call 864-656-3494.












Getting started with using Webex in a browser