Using Substr and expressions to find partial matches in PeopleSoft Financial Query

How to use partial matches in PeopleSoft Financials Query for use as a field or criteria.


Example public query SAB_PROJECT_LOG_ALL


On the Query tab, expand the record for CU_PG_TOT_AWARD and select the field CU_PG_ACCT_NUM.

PeopleSoft Query Tab

Choose Expression tab, Click Add New Expression.  Choose Character, length 3, in Expression text paste in substr(D.CU_PG_ACCT_NUM,4,3)

PeopleSoft Add Expression Text

Click OK, then click Use as Field:

PeopleSoft use as Field selection

To change the column heading name, Click on the Fields Tab, then go to the bottom of the list of fields and choose Edit.  Choose Text and then type a new header (make sure to leave Unique Field Name as is).

 PeopleSoft Change column  heading name


 If you have more questions about this, email or call 864-656-3494.

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