Installing SPSS Statistics with a license code

This guide is for the installation of SPSS stattistics for student who have a license code provided to them by their department or have purchased a license from the Clemson Computer Store.

The SPSS Statistics media is available on

Download and launch the SPSS Installation file

1. Click Next

 step 1

2. Accept and click Next

step 2

3. Click Next

Step 3

4. Accept and click Next

Step 4

5. Accept and click Next

Step 5

6. Click Next

Step 6

7. Click Install

8. Click Finish

Step 8

9. Click License Product

Step 9

10. Click Next

Step 10

11.  Select Authorized User License and click Next

Step 11

12.  Enter the license code and click next

Step 12

13. Click Next

Step 13

14. Click Finish

Step 14

Your SPSS Statistics software is now ready to use,

For additional assistance contact the CCIT Help Desk at 864-656-3494, or email

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