Canvas - Creating and Using Question Banks

How to Create Question bank(s)

1. Click on Quizzes.
2. Click on gear icon and select Manage Question Banks
3. Click on Add Question Bank
4. Enter name and hit enter.

Repeat as needed for additional question banks.

Adding Questions to Question Banks

There are two method you can use to add questions.  Start by clicking Unfiled Questions. This bank contains questions from your tests that have not been moved to another question bank.

Method 1:  Individual Questions

1.  Locate the question to be moved to a question bank.
2.  Click on move/copy question to another bank
3.  Select the destination question bank

*If you want to keep question available to other question banks select Keep a copy in this question bank as well.

4.  Click on Move/Copy Questions
5.  Repeat as needed

Method 2:  Multiple Questions

1.  Click on Move Multiple Questions
2.  Select questions to move.
3.  Select the destination
4.  Click on the Move Questions button

* This method does not allow question to remain in source bank.

Using Questions from Question Banks

1.  Create a new quiz or open an existing quiz
2.  Click on the Questions tab.
3.  Click on the Find Questions button, this opens the Find Quiz Question box.
4.  Select question bank to use on the left.
5.  Select questions from the right.
6.  Click on the Add Questions button.

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