HOWTO: Install Company Portal - Windows 10


A lot of Clemson software including Company Portal are not compatible with Windows 10 Home.  All students are entitled to a free upgrade of Windows Home to Windows Education.  Company Portal will automatically upgrade your device after install.  Unfortunately, there are no prompts for this so a few minutes after installing Company Portal you will need to manually reboot.  You can check the version of Windows in Settings -> System -> About under Windows specifications.


  1. You can launch Company Portal install from here or open Microsoft Store and find Company Portal by Microsoft Corporation and Click Install.
    Red arrow to Install button

  2. Once installed launch Company Portal
    Red arrow to Launch button

  3. Sign in to Intune with

    Enter your Clemson password.

  4. Leave Allow organization to manage my device checked and click OK.

  5. Click Done.

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Created: November 5, 2020
Last Updated: May 30, 2023
Author: Sam Beckler

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