How do I update my local address?

This article explains how to update your local address.

Clemson users are periodically asked to review and update their personal information to ensure that university records are correct. As part of this process, your local address must be checked for accuracy.

Important: Even if your local address has not changed, you must still go through the steps of the update process to acknowledge that the address is still up to date.

Warning: Even if you are not in Clemson or the US this semester, you must set a valid local address.


What is my local address?

How do I format my local address?

To ensure that your address can be validated, please ensure that it follows the format our system can read.

Important: On-campus residents will have their address automatically populated. See more information below.

On line 1, enter the physical address of your place of residence, including only the house/building number and street name. DO NOT include the name of your apartment complex, dorm building, or neighborhood.

On line 2, include your building, apartment, and/or room number.

List your city, state, and ZIP code as you would on an envelope.

How do I update my local address?

This process differs slightly for students and employees. Please follow the appropriate instructions below.

For Students

  1. To get started, visit the Information Validation Page.
  2. Press Begin to start the validation process.
  3. Enter your current local address in the marked fields.

o    Note: After saving, the auto-correction service may move some line 2 information to line 1. This is expected and will not affect the validity of your address.

  1. While you are here, please also take a moment to review your emergency contact information and CU Safe alert telephone number.
  2. To complete the validation process, press the Save button at the bottom of the page.
  3. Ensure that the information was saved:

For Employees

  1. To get started, visit the Local Address Self Service Page.
  2. Your current local address, if one is on file, is visible on the page.
  1. Ensure that the information was saved:

What if I am living on-campus?

Those who are living on campus may have their address automatically populated by the housing system. When this occurs, you will see an information box like the below:

Message about your Building and Room with option to supply an alternate local address

To accept this as your local address, simply press either the Save or Submit button at the bottom of the page.

If you need to specify an alternate local address for some reason, you may mark the checkbox under the information box. Then enter your alternate local address in the fields that appear, which will override your on-campus local address.

If you live on campus but do not see the information box, please reach out to CCIT Support for assistance.

What if I am taking classes from a military base?

Those serving in the military are still required to provide a local address.

Important: You may have a military PO Box address where you can receive mail. However, this is not usable as a local address since the location of the box does not indicate the location where you reside.

It is recommended to use the address of your military base for your local address. If your base is outside of the United States, see the notes about international addresses below.

What if I am taking classes from outside the United States?

International users are still required to provide a local address.

The fields for Address Line 1, City, Country, and Postal Code are required and should be formatted according to your country's address format.

Warning: For international addresses, you must select your country first and then set the state to blank (select blank value at the top of the list). If your address requires a province or state, you may append the state or province to the city field like this: “City, Province".

Why was my local address rejected?

Our address validation service checks your local address to ensure that it is accurate. If you see a local address error when saving, please try the below:

My address still fails. What should I do?

If all else fails, and you are certain the address is correct, you will need to reach out to us for support.

Please include the address in your message so we can determine the cause of the local address rejection.

Tip: For convenience, an EMAIL ITHELP link is provided at the bottom of the error message that will allow you to email ITHELP with all the address information we need to solve the problem. It is strongly recommended to use this option, if possible, to hasten the resolution process.


You can contact the CCIT Support Center by sending a message or calling (864) 656-3494.


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