How to import content from one Canvas course into another one


  1.  Log in to Canvas and navigate to the new course.
  2.  Click on Import Existing Content.
  3.  For Content Type select Copy a Canvas Course.
  4.  For Search for a course enter the first parts of the course ID, ex. S2101, to narrow the list down to a specific semester and select the course you are importing content from.
  5.  Select either All Content to import all content or Select specific content to specify content items to import.
  6.  If desired, select Adjust events and due dates.
  7.  Click on the Import button. 

If you have chosen Select specific content (see Notes 2 & 3):

  1. Click on Select Content button to specify specific items to be imported.
  2.  Select the item(s) to be imported.
  3.  Click on the Select Content button. 

* Note 1.  Any item that is published in the source course will be published in the new course. 

** Note 2.  Announcements will be copied from a previous course and be posted upon publication of the new course unless you use Select Specific Content and deselect Announcements.   

***Note 3.  If you used the Zoom LTI to schedule meetings in the source course a calendar event was created for each meeting.  When you import the content, those calendar events will be copied into the new course unless you use Select Specific Content and deselect Calendar Events.  If you mistakenly imported those events you will need to delete them individually.


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