Matlab: Individual installation instructions

Instructions for individual installation of Matlab.

NOTE:  These instructions are assuming your MathWorks account has been setup and associated with the proper license number for Clemson University. To read about how to create an account, see this article: Create MathWorks account for new users.

1. Log into the MathWorks website using your MathWorks username and password.

 Sign in to MathWorks

2. Your Mathworks Account profile page will now display.

 MathWorks Account Page

3. You will now see the main Matlab download page.  The current released version should be prominently displayed in the center. Older versions are listed on the right side. Click on 2019a.

Matlab Download Page

5. Select platform required; Windows, Mac, or Linux


If you have more questions, email or call 864-656-3494.






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