How to create group assignments in Canvas


Here are instructions to first create a Group Set and individual Groups and then create the Group Assignment.

Create a Group Set:

1.  Click on People in the Course Navigation menu. 

2.  Click on the +Group Set button.

3.  In the Create Group Set pop-up, enter the name for the Group Set, select options as needed, then click Save.

Create Groups for the Group Set:

1.  Click on People in the Course Navigation menu.  

2.  Click on the tab for the Group Set.

3.  Click on +Group.

4.  Enter the name of the group, the limit of students that can be in the group, then click Save.

5.  Create as many groups as needed.

6.  Drag and drop students from the Unassigned Students list into their respective groups.

Create the Group Assignment:

1.  Click Assignments in the course Navigation menu.

2.  Click +Assignments.

3.  Enter the Assignment name, Points, etc and select This is a Group Assignment.

4.  Leave Assign Grades to Each Student Individually unchecked unless each member of a group will receive an individual grade.

5.  Select the Group Set.

6.  Click on the Assign To box, select one of the Groups you created, enter a Due date and Available From and Until Dates.

7.  To assign the Assignment to additional groups click on the +Add button and repeat step 6.

8.  Once the Assignment is assigned to all groups, click on the Save & Publish button.


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Posted by: Laurie Sherrod - September 24, 2019.
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