Java 8u181 Security Settings

Java 8u181 has been released. It abides by the tightened security settings invoked by 8u171. You may start getting connection issue questions as people update their Java Client or new folks arrive for with new hardware. 
After applying the 8u181 update  and adding the following “white list” sites, users may be able to get into INB with IE11: 
 ·         For DEV – 
 ·         For TST – 
 ·         For QA – 
 ·         For PRD – 
Some Oracle Java documentation states that wildcards are no longer supported and the port number is required if you do not use the default port. 
This information is for the Help Desk with the caveat that it only affects Banner8 INB Administrative user access. 

Posted by: Laurie Sherrod - November 27, 2018.
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