Box Storage: Offboarding Data

Before a user leaves Clemson University (a student graduating, an employee leaving or retiring), he should take care of any data stored in Clemson Box. Once his user name and password no longer work, he will no longer have access to data stored in Clemson Box.  Here are some stratgies to employ.

1) Since as of now Clemson Google accounts will continue to function, one option is to move the Box files to a Clemson Google Drive folder. 

2) Users can sign up for a public Box account. They can then share the files with the new user and transfer ownership to it. Keep in mind that there will be a charge for data usage over 10 GB.

3) Employees should carefully check their Box accounts to make sure they are not listed as "Owner" for any folders or files used by groups. Even if another user is listed as "Co-Owner", that user may not be able to see the folder or files once the Owner is no longer at Clemson!  An option is to go to each folder and change the rights of a collaborator to "Owner".

4) The best option for Groups who need to keep their files available is to get a Workgroup Box folder. If they do this the folder will be owned by "Box Provisioning Driver" and will not be lost if an employee leaves Clemson. Here are instructions to do this.

5) While employees leaving the university should take care of this, it is strongly recommended that supervisors check on it before the employee leaves.


If you have more questions, email or call 864-656-3494.

Posted - Fri, Jul 27, 2018 at 1:40 PM.
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