OVERVIEW: How many versions of the same program are supported in CUApps?

How many versions of the same program are supported

We try to keep the most recent version and the previous version operational.  This is not possible for all applications.

When are apps updated

This is done throughout the year by request as classes need software.  To continue to use software uninterrupted you should try to move to the current version when it is made available.  The majority of the software changes are made in August either before or shortly after classes start depending on when requests come in for updates.

What if I need access to something older

If you need something older you can send in a request to ITHelp and we can possibly make accommodations.  We are limited in the space we have to place applications.  Once an app is more than three versions old we will have additional issues keeping it published.

Posted - Mon, Sep 13, 2021 at 1:53 PM.
Online URL: https://hdkb.clemson.edu/phpkb/article.php?id=2374