OVERVIEW: Configuration Manager Control Panel Applet

Configuration Manager Control Panel Applet
Verify Connectivity
Refresh Computer Policy
Application Deployment Evaluation
Software Updates Deployment Evaluation Cycle
Software Updates Scan Cycle
Clear Cache

Open the configuration manager control panel applet

  • Open the Control Panel
  • If using category view open System and Security
  • Open Configuration Manager

Verify connectivity

On the general tab there should be some basic information present.

Assigned management point sccmmp2.campus.cu.clemson.edu
Client certificate self-signed
Connection type currently internet
site code cu2
Unique identifier guid:computer guid
version 5.00.7804.1500

Refresh Computer policy

This will cause the computer to download the latest policy from the server (this is done automatically every 60 minutes if connected to campus).

Application Deployment Evaluation

If you have made changes to the system configuration outside of CCIT Software Center (ex. uninstalled software from programs and features) and now need to install software that is listed as installed.  This process will recheck the system for the software and change the status accordingly (done automatically every 5 days).

Software Updates Deployment Evaluation Cycle

Evaluates if current known updates from the update scan cycle are still installe or have been installed outside of SCCM.  This process runs every 7 days to provide continued compliance.

Software Updates Scan Cycle

Runs a local update scan for update compliance.  This process is automatically ran when a machine policy refresh contains updates to deploy.

Clear Cache

Some packages fail to download and do not automatically refresh the cache on a retry.  Or you may just need to free up hard drive space.

Posted - Tue, Feb 24, 2015 at 3:08 PM.
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