Departmental Printing and Plotting

Departmental Printers & iPrint

iPrint is a client-side application that allows faculty, staff, and students to install campus printers. When you get a new machine that has been setup by your department the iprint client is already installed and ready for your use. To install any network printer the iPrint website must be used in order to accomplish this task. NOTE: Mozilla Firefox must be used when accessing the iPrint website.

To access the iPrint website copy and paste in the Mozilla Firefox browser on either and Windows or Mac system.

Clemson University has selected Ricoh to provide Managed Print Services (MPS) for the entire University.

Manage Print Services include:

  • Equipment including multi functional devices (MFDs) and printers
  • Supplies, including staples and toner/ink cartridges. Paper is not included.
  • Preventive maintenance and parts
  • Guaranteed service level response times
  • Detailed account usage and simplified billing process
  • Single contract for increased efficiency in managing contract terms and conditions

To learn more about this service or if you need to order toner please go here.

If equipment needs to be purchased contact your department Administrative Assistant and then he/she will contact the Ricoh department for further assistance. For more information click about the Managed Print Services here.



iPrint is a client-side application that allows faculty, staff, and students to install and print to campus printers. All departmental imaged computers come with the client installed and ready for your use.

How to install an iPrint printer:

NOTE: Use Only Mozilla Firefox when performing these steps.

  1. In order to install the iPrint printers go to http://iprint
  2. In the left-hand pane click “Log In” using Novell username and password credentials.
  3. In the left-hand pane and select “Printers”.
  4. Printers are located by buildings. In the listing that appears, scroll down and select a building.
  5. A list of printers will appear – scroll down to the printers for the department. Each printer is named in some way by the department name (i.e. Accountancy printers start with “ACCNT”).
  6. Select the needed printer and follow the screen instructions.

Departmental Plotting

Departmental users can submit plots (posters) for printing using a Departmental Account Number. For instructions, click here.


If you have more questions, email or call 864-656-3494.


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