HOW TO: Login with Skillport

To login to Clemson's SkillPort portal, please follow the steps below: 

Users must login through Clemson's SkillPort portal. To access the portal, the user must use one of the following:
Direct URL:
* Alternative Link:

User CANNOT bookmark SkillPort site ( and CANNOT login directly using the SkillPort URL. If they attempt this they will receive the message, “ERROR: Invalid User ID Password specified.”

  1. When user accesses one of the links above, they will come to the Clemson University Login Page. If user has logged into another Clemson system during the same browser session, this page is bypassed and user goes straight to the SkillPortLogin page (step #3 below.)
  2. User should login with Clemson username and password and click Submit.
  3. If the username and password are valid, the user will come to the SkillPort login page.
    Potential error: If Clemson username and/or password are invalid, the user will not get past the Clemson University Login page. They will receive the message “Sorry. Authentication failed”, and will be returned to the Clemson login page. Normal procedures should be followed concerning errors with Clemson usernames and passwords (refer user to
  4. On the SkillPort Login page, the "Login to SkillPort" button should be clicked. This is the portal page and this button forwards the valid Clemson user to SkillPort.
    Potential error: If the message “Error: Could not login with specified username/session.” appears after clicking the "Login to SkillPort" button, the SkillPort Administrator should be contacted ( This indicates that their SkillPort-specific password needs to be reset by a Clemson SkillPort Administrator.
  5. While the user is being forwarded to SkillPort, the following message will be displayed: “Login in progress….If this message remains for more than 40 seconds, please click here for further instructions.” (Java must start and load in the browser for SkillPort to operate, so there is a pause. The wait time depends on user's processing speed.)  Once forwarding is complete, user will come to the main page in SkillPort.
    Potential error: If the message remains and the user is not forwarded to SkillPort, more than likely Java is not installed or is misconfigured with browser. Browser settings should be checked and Java should be enabled.
  6. Users can use the SkillPort browser tester. Use the "Click Here" link in the message above. This goes to the SKILLSOFT ONLINE CUSTOMER SUPPORT page. Item 1 on the page contains a "Click Here" link to access the compatibility checker, so
    click the link. A page appears asking for email address. Fill out to run test. Results will display once test is completed as well as a copy is emailed if that option is checked.
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