Google Plug In for MS Office 2016

To add access to files in your Google Drive when using MS Office 2010, 2013, or 2016 on a Windows computer, you can use a plug-in.

First, go to and download the plug in and and run it.  After it finishes, running, click Get Started, then put in your Google address (like - or if you prefer any gmail address). Click Next, enter your Google password and click Next. You will be asked for a type of verification. Select the one you prefer and complete it. When it is finished, you will click Done. Restart your computer.

Now if you open Word, Excel, or PowerPoint 2016, you will have the option to open a file from Google Drive.  Or you may save any open file to Google Drive.  If you select Open,  you will see Google Drive as a location.  You will may need to log in to Google Drive with your user name and password the first time you try this.


You will also see a new tab for Google Drive in the ribbon. You may also use this to save or open MS Office files to Google Drive.

Additionally, this adds a feature to MS Outlook 2016 "Insert files using Drive" that allows you to select a file from Google Drive to embed as a link or add as a file attachment to the current message. There is also a Google Drive ribbon when composing new messages.

Note: from inside Word, Excel, or PowerPoint, if you open a file that is in MS Office format (.docx, .xlsx, or .pptx), it will open directly in the desktop application. But if you try to open a file in Google Format (Docs, Sheets, or Slides), it will open the file in the browser for editing.

If you have more questions about this, email: or call 864-656-1344.

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