Installation Instructions for Citrix Workspace - Windows 10

1. Download  and run the Windows Citrix Workspace client (click here to download Citrix Workspace).

  The installer will display the progress of the install and inform you when the installation is complete.

installer pop upinstaller pop-up


2. Launch the Citrix Workspace from the Windows start menu.

launch from start menu


3. The first time Citrix Receiver is launched, it will ask you to add an account.  Enter and click add.

add account


4. Next Receiver will you prompt you to authenticate with your username, password, and a passcode.

add account authentication

      Duo Passcode options (registered devices):

  1. Type push to get a Duo Mobile app prompt (most Common)
  2. Type sms to receive text passcodes
  3. Type phone to receive a call
  4. Type your six-digit One-Time Passcode

      [If you are not enrolled, you can complete enrollment at or learn more here]


5. You will then be prompted to log in again, enter your username and password.


6. Click on the application to launch it.

Run apps


If you have more questions about this, email or call 864-656-3494.

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