Publish test or questions from Respondus 4.0 to Canvas

These instructions assume you have set the Current Personality to Instructure Canvas and created or imported a questions file.

Publishing Test to Canvas:

1. Click on the Preview & Publish tab.
2. Click on the Publish Wizard button.

In the Publish Wizard:

1. Select Type of Publish.
2. Choose existing server or "add new server"
a. If an exist server is selected skip to step 3.
b. If "add new server" selected:
(1) Open Canvas, open any course, then highlight and copy the Address (URL) from the browser.
(2) Check "No, I want to enter the server settings manually" in the Add New Server Settings
(3) Click Next.
(4) Paste the copied URL into the text box under item 2.
(5) Press the Extract Button under item 3.
(6) Enter a Description under item 4.
(7) Enter your Username and Password.
(8) Click OK.
3. Press Next to continue and login to Canvas.

*Note: You may get a Script Error message asking if you want to continue running scripts on this page, click OK. (May popup multiple times.)

4. When the Canvas Authorization window appears click Authorize.
5. Select Assessment type - Graded Quiz or Question Bank.
6. Specify server action - Create or Replace.
7. Specify other options (not required).
8. Press Next.
9. Select course from listing on right side.
10. Press Next.
11. Press Finish when you see Publish Completed Successfully.

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