Add iPrint queue to Mac OS X

iPrint is the service that Clemson uses to manage network printers for employees of Clemson University, and install them on your computer using the iPrint client.   A different service called PawPrints manages student and many computer lab network printers.

This article gives an overview of installing and using iPrint on Macintosh.

You must first download the latest version of the iPrint client by going to and clicking the "Install iPrint Client" button in the upper left corner (pictured below).   If any printers appear on this server, please ignore them.  If you already have iPrint installed, but you upgraded your macOS to a newer version, you probably need to upgrade the iPrint client as well. 


Quit Safari, and run the downloaded installer.  You must quit Safari because the installer adds a plugin.  Once the new iPrint icon appears in your menu bar, you are ready to continue. iPrint icon

Once you have reopened your browser (preferably use Chrome or Firefox as your browser), there are two different web addresses where you will be able to locate printer drivers. You may need to look at both of the links to find the correct printer:

The easiest way to find the correct printer is to click on the "Printer Location" tab at the top in order to sort alphabetically by location. Once you find the needed printer, click the Info button.  Note the Make of the printer (scroll down if needed).  You may need this info to download the driver package later.  Click the printer name to install the printer.List of Printers

 A pop-up will warn you are opening the iPrint application for the first time.  Click "Open".   If you do not see a pop-up, or if the page refreshes too quickly to see it, you need to right-click on the printer link and choose "Open Link in New Tab". Safari Warning

If you get the error that the iPrint client is not installed, but it is installed, try a different web browser, or update your web browser.

The "iPrint Printer installation" window will probably open behind everything else.  Minimize windows until you find it.  Click "Install" iPrint printer installation

You should be asked to login "Realm Name CLEMSONU".  Enter your Clemson userid and password.  Select "Save Password".  Click OK. Login CLEMSONU

If you are asked to login "Realm Name Local iPrint/CUPS user account" it will not work.  Possibly you need a newer client.

If you are prompted to Click "Install Driver Package" to manually install the package it will not work yet.  You must now go back to Safari and find and install the driver package for the Make of the printer.   Normally, but not always, before installing a new make or brand of printer using iPrint, you need to first install the driver package for that printer. iPrint will push down a printer specific .ppd file to Mac OS but not the driver package needed by that .ppd. Mac OS normally does this automatically but not when using iPrint.  To download and install the needed driver package, use the following search link and add the brand or make of printer to the search. Make sure the "Support" tab is highlighted on the search page, not "Explore" tab.  IMPORTANT: do NOT simply install the first one you find. Apple keeps older downloads around for compatibility with older OSs. Find the newest one that applies to your OS X.  Currently for Mac OS X  10.14 this is version 5.1 for HP and 3.0 for Ricoh. 

Printer driver package search link: . After installing the driver package, click the "Install Driver Package" button. Install Driver Package

A Finder window opens with one file.  Just close this window. Finder

Back in the "iPrint Printer installation" window, click "Install" iPrint Printer installation

Hopefully you are told "Printer is installed successfully".  Click OK. Success

If you see this error instead you have not installed the printer driver package that iPrint is expecting:  Failed to install the printer.  The filter(s) specified in the PPD could not be found/resolved.   Go to the apple printer driver search link (above) to install the printer driver package, or try the manufacturer's website, then try again. 

Try to print something to this new printer. The iPrint client should pop-up asking for permission to use the keychain. You probably want to select "Always Allow". Always allow

iPrint will soon report the document was cancelled.  This is normal for our iPrint and does not indicate a problem.  Some printers will hold the job and wait for you to login and release the print jobs.  Others cannot do that and will simply print the job immediately.need to login the printer and release the print job. Document Cancelled


If you have any issues installing the iPrint client, or installing the drivers for a printer, please email with "iPrint" in the subject line. 

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