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How to see a Google calendar in Outlook

Estimated Reading Time: 2 Minutes

These instructions would be helpful for anyone who would like to see a Google calendar in Outlook. This might include students or people who have Android phones with calendars on their phone that they would like to see in Outlook. They may also see the Google calendar and their Microsoft Exchange calendar joined in Outlook.  These steps are written for Microsoft 365 version 2008 but would be similar for other versions of Outlook.
Open your Google calendar in a browser. Under My calendars on the left side of the screen, hover your mouse over the calendar you want to display in Outlook. Click on the three dots beside it.

Arrow to three dots

Click on Settings and sharing.

Arrow to Settings and sharing

Click on Integrate calendar on the left side of the screen.  Scroll to the Secret address in iCal format.  Click on the toggle visibility icon so you can see the address. 

Arrow to Integrate calendar, arrow to visibility settings beside Secret address in iCal format

You may get a security warning. Once the visibility is on, you will see a full address.

Right click on the address and select Copy

Red arrow to  Copy

Now open your Outlook Calendar.
Click on File.

Red arrow to File

Click on Account Settings, and Account Settings.

Red arrows to Account Settings, Account Settings...

Click on Internet Calendars, New. Paste in the secret address of the Google Calendar in the New Internet Calendar Subscription box. Then click Add and Close.

Red arrows to Internet Calendars tab, New Internet Calendar Subscription box, Add, and Close.

Under Folder name, type in a name for the Google calendar (you will see this name on your Outlook calendar). Click OK and Close.

Red box arround Folder name, red arrow to OK  

If you open your Outlook calendar now and look under Other Calendars on the left side of the screen, you should see your new calendar. If you click on it to select it (putting a checkmark beside it), you will see it beside your primary Outlook calendar. If you then click on the arrow beside its name, you will see the two calendars at the same time.

Red arrow to Other Calendars, Red arrow to title of Google Calendar

Here is what it looks like with the two calendars joined.

Both calendars joined

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How to see a Google calendar in Outlook