OVERVIEW: Paw Prints Accounts and Quotas

Your Paw Prints account details, including your Tiger1 card number, quota amounts, and print group, are updated every time you submit a Paw Prints print job. This means that if you're having issues, it’s always a good idea to submit a job as a first step in troubleshooting, to make sure all the details of your account are up-to-date.

Paw Prints accounts aren’t automatically provisioned for new students. Your account is created when you submit your first job. So, if you are unable to log into the Paw Prints release stations, it could be because you've never successfully submitted a job to Paw Prints.

Jobs submitted to Paw Prints queues are available to be released for 24 hours after being submitted. After 24 hours, if a job has not been released, it is deleted and the user is not charged.


Quotas are not batch reset at the beginning of the semester. Instead, your quota(s) will reset when you submit your first print job of the semester. You can have up to three quotas in Paw Prints: a student quota, an employee quota, and an affiliate quota. These are set based on your current role(s) at the University. If you start or end a job or enroll in classes, your quotas will change to reflect your new status. NOTE: If you drop your classes, you will not lose your student quota for the semester.

Your quotas will only be associated with your primary username, so if you have multiple Clemson usernames, your Paw Prints funds will only be available for jobs submitted from your primary account. (If you've enrolled or begun working at Clemson after Summer 2013, this should not be an issue. You should only have a single username.)

If you have any problem with your quotas not refilling at the beginning of the semester, you can send an email to ithelp@clemson.edu or call (864) 656-3494 for help.

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