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Troubleshooting JMP Licensing Issues for Mac

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This article is for troubleshooting JMP licensing issues on Mac. For Windows, see this article:

When installing JMP or using it for a while, users may sometimes experience issues where their license appears to be expired. Likely, the license is not actually expired as Clemson will have likely already renewed the license. Instead, the issue can be either the user not having the most up-to-date license, or the software having an issue due to an old temporary file. Here are some things to try.


  • If you have already installed JMP before, you can skip this section
  • Otherwise, you can download from either (this is the recommended method), the CCIT Software Center, or from the software repository.
  • Go through the installer prompts, and restart the computer if necessary


  • If you receive license errors when trying to open JMP for Mac, follow these steps
  • Connect to the software repository
  • Navigate to MP\Documentation\License (SIDS) Fall 2020\JMP Pro 15.1\Mac and copy the "JMP151_9CDJWB_70103609_OSX_X86-64 (1).txt" file to your desktop
  • When opening JMP, you will be prompted to specify a new license file. Choose this as the license file. This should get JMP working. If not, please visit for further assistance
Troubleshooting JMP Licensing Issues for Mac