ERROR: Eduroam will not connect after password change

If you have recently changed your Clemson password and Eduroam will no longer connect from your Windows PC and is not prompting you to authenticate with a new password you may need to delete the saved password.

WARNING Editing Windows registry is dangerous.  If you are not comfortable please contact your system administrator or the CCIT Support Center for assistance.

  1. Run regedit by clicking start and searching for regedit
  2. Once it is found right click and run as administrator to run regedit.exe
  4. Expand Software
  5. Expand Microsoft
  6. Expand Wlansrvc
  7. Expand UserData
  8. Expand Profiles
  9. Right Click and Delete all Keys under Profiles
  10. It will now ask for your username and password next time you connect to eduroam
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