ERROR: Software Center installation messages

Software Installation Failures

Software installation may fail for many reasons.  In the bottom software description pane you can click on the failed hyperlink for more info.  Then click the more info expansion area to see error codes.

Additional log files can be found in c:windowstemp.  All System Center based installs will generate a log file named CU_Install_Software name.log some packages may contain a more detailed log named CU_Install_software name_install.log.

Software Center Errors










Unable to make changes to your software

Office installer returns 30066

Adobe Product install logs

Trend Micro install returned 1602

Antivirus Removal Tools


  • Install took longer than allowed.
  • Try install again usually associated with installs that require user input to complete.
  • Review install logs.


  • The software package installed successfully, but a software detection rule was not found.
  • You can verify the install by checking logs at %windir%tempcu_install_software name.log.
  • This can indicate a problem with the install even if the install reported success.


  • The software package uninstalled successfully, but a software detection rule was still found.
  • You can verify the uninstall by checking logs at %windir%tempcu_install_software name.log.
  • This can indicate a problem with the uninstall even if the install reported success.
  • You can alternatively uninstall from Windows Apps & Features or Programs and Features


  • Unable to Download Software
  • Check network connection and if not on a Clemson IP address you may need to VPN.
  • Server version may have changed and a machine policy refresh is needed.


  • Unable to download install because hard drive is full
  • Remove programs or files to free space on hard drive


  • Hash value incorrect
  • Fix is the clear the SCCM Cache using the configmgr applet
  • Wait a minute then delete all folders in the c:windowsccmcache folder
  • If you continue to receive the same error something may be interfearing with the download.  Check for third party AV and Malware software.


  • SMS Agent Host service not running (ccmexec.exe)
  • Start SMS Agent Host service
    • This could also mean something is really wrong with the SMS Agent Host service.  You can reboot to see if that resolves it, but an uninstall/reinstall would be the solution if the problem persist.
  • Close Software Center
  • Wait about 1 minute or until ccmexec.exe uses more than 7mb of ram.
  • Launch CCIT Software Center



  • An Application conflict is occurring.  Please close the conflicting application to continue.
  • If you do not know the program try restarting and running the install before opening an apps.

Unable to make changes to your software

  • The software could not be found on any servers at this time.
  • Press F5 to refresh list.
  • Check network connection and vpn connection.
  • Open web browser and verify you can navigate to
    • If you cannot connect reboot.
  • Disconnect and reconnect to vpn, reboot, or sometimes you can wait a minute or two.

Application Specific error codes

Office installer returns 0x7572(30066)

You have a corrupt Microsoft Office install.  You need to run the appropriate Fix it tool to clean the previous Office install.

Microsoft Easy Fix Tool to remove Office

Microsoft Uninstall Office from a PC Website

Adobe Product install logs

if installed with SCCM the pdapp.log file will be in c:windowstemp.  All other info on webpage is correct.

Typically an error 1603 is with the main MSI installer the cause of this is different on every computer.  Reviewing the log files is the only way to figure out why.

Install error code 2 means something went wrong with the exceptions package install.  Restart computer make sure all other applications are closed and rerun install.

Trend Micro

Trend Micro install returned 1602

Usually indicates another antivirus product was detected.


Antivirus Removal Tools

Norton Removal Tool

McAfee Removal Tool

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