HOW TO: New Student XID Information

XID number:

  • XID is a Clemson University Identification Number. It is a unique, eight-digit number, that starts with a 'C', assigned to you upon your application to the University.

Find my XID number if I know my Username:

  • If you know your Clemson Username and password, you can look up your XID number online. Visit and login to view all of your known information. 

Other ways to find your XID number:

  • As a new student, you should have received your XID number in your Admissions Acceptance packet. If you have lost your packet, you may call the Registrar's Office at 864-656-2171 to find your XID and the Undergraduate Admissions Office at 864-656-2287 to receive a new packet. You should also have received your XID number in the packet sent to you by University Housing.
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