Steps to Complete Before Setting Up a Windows Laptop

These instructions are only for Windows Laptops NOT purchased through Clemson.  If you have one of the laptops Purchased through the Clemson website or in the computer store on campus, you do NOT need to proceed with these instructions.

It is recommended that you do these steps before completing your Clemson laptop setup:

  • Complete all of your Windows updates. Here are three ways to find this:
    • Go to Settings, Update & Security, Windows Update
    • Go to the Windows Search, search for Windows Update, select Check for update

  • Back up your data and leave a copy of the data at home or away from Clemson.

  • Run your antivirus program and antispyware programs to remove any viruses or spyware from your computer. Restart your computer. Run again. Repeat until your antivirus or antispyware programs find no problems.

  • Clean up your data and programs.  Remove any data you do not need.  Remove any programs you do not need. Here are two ways to uninstall a program.
    • Go to Start, Control Panel, Programs and Features, highlight the program you want to remove, select Uninstall.
    • Click on Settings, Apps,click on a program to select it, select Uninstall.
  • Remove any versions of Microsoft Office that are not Office 2016 Professional OR Microsoft Office 365 – this includes MS Works, Student versions, etc.  During the set up you will install Clemson MS Office 365.

If your laptop requires an adapter to connect to Ethernet, it is recommended that you purchase it. It is also recommended that you keep the adapter and an Etheret cable in your backpack for the many places on campus that offer an Ethernet connection.  Bring them with you if you attend a laptop setup workshop.


Once your laptop is prepared, you need to go to this article to install software and set up your laptop to use at Clemson:



If you have more questions, email or call 864-656-3494.

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