Clemson Purchased Windows Setup

If you have a Dell or Lenovo laptop that you purchased on campus in the computer store, or by following a link from the CCIT website, this page is for you.

Please start here to begin Laptop Setup for Fall 2021:

How do I connect to Wi-Fi?

So much of what we do today requires and internet connection. Fortunately, Clemson has you covered all over campus. See how to get to connected to Eduroam, Clemson’s Wi-Fi network.

Where do I get software?

Most of the software you will need while in school at Clemson is already provided to you. See how to find and install the software you need through the Company Portal.

Signing in to Office 365

Microsoft Office is one of the many pieces of software provided to you by Clemson. Because you purchased your laptop through Clemson, it should already be installed, so you just have to sign in. See how to sign in to ensure you are able to utilize your Microsoft Office 365 subscription through Clemson.

Connecting to the Clemson Network From Off Campus

Some Clemson resources require you to be connected to Clemson’s network for access. If your off campus, you can still virtually connect to Clemson’s network by VPN. See how to access the Clemson network from off campus using Cisco AnyConnect.

If you received an error message when clicking “connect” to connect to Clemson through VPN, click here to access, download, and install the VPN fix.

Setting up Duo Two-Factor Authentication

Some Clemson services, like iRoar, require you to sign in using Two-Factor Authentication (2fa) through Duo. See how to setup 2fa through Duo.

How Do I Get Help?

Need some more help? Don’t worry, Clemson Computing and Information Technology (CCIT) has you covered.

Go here to find out more about the ways to get help when you need it from CCIT.

Printing on Campus

Clemson provides printers all over campus for students to use. Go here to find out more about printing on campus at Clemson.



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