Accessing a Mac remotely using another Mac




From the Mac on campus, you should change the following settings and note the IP address as follows: (If you do not have access to your Mac on campus, contact your local technical support for assistance)

Click the Apple logo in the top left corner of the screen and select System Preferences.

System Preferences

 Click on the Sharing pane.

Click on Sharing

Check Remote Management if it is not already activated and Allow access for All users. If these settings have already been configured by your local technical support do not change them.

Remote Management

Click Options and be sure that all selections are checked. Click OK.

Remote Management

Go back to the main System Preferences window and select Network.


Select your wired Ethernet address on the left side of the window and make a note of the IP address on the right side. It should be in the format

 IP Address


On the Remote computer from off campus, you must first establish a VPN connection to campus using the Cisco AnyConnect VPN application (go to to download the software).

Once the VPN connection is established, search for the Screen Sharing application using Spotlight (press command-spacebar).

Screen Sharing app

Login with your Mac username and password (for the computer on campus). Click Sign In.


Type in the IP address of the Mac that you wish to remotely connect to on campus and click Connect.

Connect to IP Address

Login with your Mac username and password (for the computer on campus). Click Sign In.

 Mac username/password

If you had any issues, please contact the CCIT Support Center at 864-656-3494, or




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